Devils Deal With Citalopram

People fear me, they love me

They need me, they work for me

Am I good, am I bad depends on what you see

But to unlock the better life, I am the key

But my service isn’t for free

And you’re depressed with anxiety

I can remove that easily

But in return

I want your ability to cry

I want to control your emotions

I want rational thinking

To remove that brain commotion

Like Ursula the sea witch

I will take the mermaids voice

However you do have

A teeny tiny choice

I mean, Read the leaflet

You take a gulp and then a breath

Then go ahead and swallow it whole

That tingling in your brain that’s me,

I’ll develop your brain matter

Just wait and see

Early mornings and happiness

You’ll get that I guarantee

Too scared to love, work and learn?

Please, I’ll sort that instantly

Let me take that numbness

I’m going to turn it into hunger

That’s right you need to eat

You’re tired let’s go to bed

That’s right, I’ll even let you sleep,

Your anxiety strategies end

Who needs them?
Even at 3:00 AM

You want to love her?

But feelings, are too intense?

No problem, lets relieve the pressure

Your amygdala is in control

And its alarm is on repeat

Let me wake your pre frontal cortex

You should find it now takes a seat

No more anxiety, no more depression

Not a bad deal for your adrenaline

Stick with me kid and you’ll be fine

I’m mean after all now your mine


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