Come With Me Little Bee

  • Hello my child long time no see
    You’ve come to visit so come along with me
    Let’s go to the forest and see what we can find
    For that is where I believe mother nature will improve our minds
    The day you were born my life improved
    As each day more I enjoy loving you
    But now you are at that age where you want to explore
    So let’s go on some adventures forever more
    We enjoyed a picnic under the big trees and branches
    And you tried to eat mushrooms which aren’t for lunches
    We ran across a field to visit a lake
    And sneaked towards some stag deers who’s noise made you shake
    Holding my hand you feel secure
    And I promise while you’re with me you need fear no more
    I understand this world is scary and the place you are now is the same
    So let me try and ease the worry with my love and fun games
    So my little sister do not feel scared
    Because for whatever happens I will always be prepared



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