Daddy Where’d You Go?

I used to be your little girl
The one you loved dearly
I’d sit on your lap and tell you the world
And you would listen clearly
But time went past and love was fading
Between you and her
And all I could hear was you both wailing
God I wish it was a blur
growing up I witnessed it all
From the little innocent eyes and the noise through the walls
Growing up you both told lies
And used us to hurt the other, in your ruthless unruly brawl

But what haunts me the most
Is that day you dropped us from the coast
But then never returned
We waited for you to come back and get us
And that’s when everything turned

Time went past and you came back at last
But before me stood a strange man,
filled with bitterness and hate
Who couldn’t lend a loving hand Or stay too often or too late

So I built these walls from all the pain
As emotional distance is where I remain
Because I worry the day that the person I adore
Will soon do the same and walk out that door


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