Damian’s Power Dance

  • You take a breathe and stand outside
    For you know once you enter you’ll internally die
    The creature within is waiting for you
    And you know once you’re in you’ll become black and blue
    So you open the door in a prolonged delay
    to not provoke a bad response or a dangerous display
    You feel the energy in anticipation
    The art of hypervigilancy caused by these situations
    You silently enter the room to see them there
    The cause of your five year journey of psychotherapy and mental care

    There is a sweet masked smile which is shown on her face
    As she asks her harmless question in a gentle pace

    Do not be fooled for this is a game
    And the response you give will always be in vain

    You answer the question and her face surely drops
    So she rears up and starts screaming over the top

    You remember the techniques you learned in counselling
    The one where roots enter the floor to start the grounding
    You look at her psycho face which emits the abuse
    For you know fighting back creates no use
    The other one who is also mentally deranged
    is about to join the attack unfortunately arranged

    He walks towards you and delivers his blows
    Which break you from the roots you desperately tried to sow

    Unconscious and helpless the abuse carries on
    And although the damage is never truly gone

    This journey has aided you to become a therapist
    So you can help the others lost within the mist

    Like lucifer waltz you’ve once had to prance
    Can now help you help others, escape damiens dance


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