Dr Jeckle And Mr Hyde

Who do I tell, where do I confide
For I, we, he are like Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde
But I wish Jeckle would heckle and Hyde would hide
But They, we, he are all inside
One mind, one brain, one soul
So much muchness, yet still there is a hole
For I am not completely deranged
but I am not in complete control
as this way of being, of being, definitely takes its toll

Trying to desperately become, the in-between,
is unfortunately one of my forced life goals, it seems
But I can only be, not hide Hyde or not heckle Jeckle
I can be fine, loving one minute, then the next abhorrently unethical
With no warning, or face value reason, it switches
From one end to the other
Happy and calm, to then going under
Although apparent and separate
it is clear we are stuck, like bitter hateful lovers
which have just been hit by a truck

They’re scared of Hyde… and so am I
They love Jeckle, who they and I don’t want to die

I wish to emotionally stay in the middle
Instead of forever seeming to those as a riddle

But finding that place is hard
Trust me… I have the scars

The physical representation
Of my emotional mutilation and desperation
to try and rid of these intense feelings
which feel like a mental infestation

So before one grumps and jumps to conclusion
At my strange behavioural display
To then my apparent happy illusion
Spare a thought for those not in the grey way
For We, she, they
Are just trying to form the black and white, into the okay
It’s not easy for us to live, day to day
In a world that was made for one group of people
To live in such a certain rigid way

So for you and us, please be kind and please be gentle
Because believe it or not
No one actually likes to be looked at, as if they are mental


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