Give Me Back Me

I knew a girl who was once me

She was caring and friendly, and happy as can be

She was loved dearly and by many

And I need her back, her name is Jenny

She was smiley, bubbly and always out for a thrill

She loved to dance, laugh and thought life was brill

She cared about everyone and always listened intently

And tried to comfort the crying very gently

With beautiful blue eyes and brunette hair

She’s a deep thinker and tries to make things fair

She’s curious, empathetic and tries to be forgiving

But something went wrong and she’s gone missing

She used to be here, and here for everyone

But now she’s gone and we’re truly stunned

Where did you go, where did you run?

Please come back because you’ve taken the fun

What you’ve left is this void of Depression

This unhappy glow and this anxious sensation

I’m desperately searching and trying to find you

Because life is bleak and I’m feeling blue

Your smile is gone and this face has no glow

This body is expressionless and it really shows

I miss you so much you don’t understand

In desperate measures I took Citalopram

Because without you I am no longer me

And because it’s invisible nobody can see

I’m told to grow up and get over it

They say it’s me and to get a grip

Please come back because I’m dying

Without you here I just keep crying

I tried to kill the depression which almost ended me

Because I’ve lost you Jenny and I just want to be free


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