It’s Real And Physical

They say don’t take it you’ll get hooked

Because mental illness is often over looked

But you wouldn’t tell a diabetic to not become dependant

On insulin that would be a lifelong substance

So why is it that way for medication for the brain?

As if it’s not real that they’re just weird and insane?

Would you tell an amputee to get over it?

That they’re over reacting just a little bit?

Would you tell an epileptic that it’s all in their head?

That they need to stop pretending and get out of bed?

Would you avoid people who are disabled physically?

And discriminate because you can’t quite take it seriously?

You would help an elderly lady across the street?

But shame the mentally ill like they’re a cheat?

I just don’t get it, it just doesn’t make sense

That one will get annoyed within their presence

You don’t tell someone with a cold that it’s their fault

That the attitude is the reason that their life is at halt

So why is it okay to shame a physical illness of the mind?

That they need to move on and leave it all behind

Can you not see it’s a chemical imbalance?

Not just a gloomy face in a trance?

Mental illness is real and it’s physical

People need to see it’s true and not just made up material


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