Leave Me Be Black Cloud

Get out of my body, Get out of my head,

Get away from me and let me get out of bed,

I’m sick of you making me feel worthless,

I’m sick of your merciless,

I’m fed up of you ruining my relationships,

I’m fed up of your pointless bull shit,

Leave my chest get off my back,

Leave my rest get off my track,

I need to live not fight,

I need to stride not hide,

Get lost and go forever,

Just disappear and go altogether,

I just want to be loved and feel it,

Not reject it when I hear it,

You’ve made things harder and made things worse,

So now I have to see the Doctor and the nurse,

Just leave me be, just let me be free,

Just leave me glee, so I can live happily,

People think your fake and for me to man up,

People think for goodness sake just grow up,

You make me angry you make me sweat,

You make me grind my teeth and become a threat,

I want to self-regulate and be independent,

Not cry persistently and overly dependent,

Each day is a struggle each day makes me want to die,

Each day is a stumble each day makes me want to cry,

Give me back myself, give me back Jenny,

Give me back my health, and give it to me in plenty,
I get it you’re telling me I wasn’t wanted, and I wasn’t loved,

I get it you’re right, now can you go because I’ve had enough,

I get it I’m alone like I’ve always known,

I’m okay with that it’s what I’ve always been shown,

I accept my fate and I accept what’s happened,

Now can you leave me and leave me abandoned,

Because I’m sick of the oppression,

Of this deep dark Depression,


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