Night Time Drinker

Fear or butterflies I could never tell
The nerves you gave to me just felt like hell
As in reality my people skills aren’t the best
But after time the anxiety simply came to rest
As you filled the hole that was deep inside of me
Without an idea of what you replaced so easily
You gave me the part I was definite had been stolen
But the thing about our relationship, it wasn’t to be golden
For you were always intoxicated and full of mess
But I would sit and listen to your tragic distress
But I know now we were both in vain
As you never truly felt I was your gentle rain
As what was spoken was forgotten each sunrise
As you would sober up and forget our caring good byes
Late at night our chats were meaningful
Talking about what painfully made us tearful
For months I formed a special bond with you
But on your end the moment was gone quite soon
As you came to from the alcoholic bliss
You would forget our intimate moments with a miss
So for you our moments will forever be left behind
as you are now with new a girl who is ever so kind
As for me I have entered the the forgotten, as drunken history
But I hope one day to forget that you were once my sober love story



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