Out Cry To The Creator

  • What did you do, why did you do it?

    This world was fine without us in it?

    I converted to you from another faith

    One in which I felt kept me safe

    I made a mistake and this is why

    Because from the age of five I’ve wanted to die

    The feeling is strong and some days over bearing

    To the point one acts on it without even caring

    It’s called selfish it’s called immoral

    But let me tell you why before you start a quarrel

    We’re told this life is sacred

    Even though it’s full of hatred

    Slaughter and killing

    Just for a thrilling

    Overwhelming pain

    Which drives one insane

    A batter for fun

    Even if you’re young

    Only loved when convenient

    But told one should be lenient

    You don’t love me

    And I don’t blame thee

    But if I say it out loud
    one will shame me
    They say it’s your life

    Unless you want to take it

    So I’ll pray for those

    If they make it.


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