Spare a Thought For Those

There is a mental place not far from yours
A place that is forgotten and kept behind closed doors
It’s a controversial area which is often left behind
By those too scared to state what’s often on their mind
Within these two world’s his mind is trapped
For he has lived a life with those who love to emotionally attack

With dark horrors and an enjoyment for causing distress
Would surely leave a little one damaged nether the less

But keep in mind the child abused for sport
As she, the mentally deranged was discharged in court
She cannot help her actions she has a disorder
But remember the child who was beaten repeatedly in the corner
No mercy was shown to the child who lacks diagnoses
As his future self with PTS ends in unfortunate over doses
For acknowledging labels with empathy is good
But can often leave victims to be easily overlooked
So next time you see a lost soul Who is not quite insane but also not quite mentally whole
See that they are trapped in the misunderstood space
Between mental illness and the functioning healthy mental race
So for their sake please try to be gentle and kind
For it will hopefully add to their concept of a healthy mind


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