The Dwindling Life Of HMS

I have a problem, One you can see
With this HMS I can never be free
It’s mentally tiring and physically draining
It destroys my soul and is humiliating
The suffering it causes me is not worth living
But here I am still fighting and breathing
No love no comfort will I ever receive
From people with small minds who will never believe
To the shame and horror people show me
when they catch a glimpse of my distorted body
Each day on end people respond with disgust
To a condition which cripples me and will turn me to dust
Why are you so cruel, I did not ask to be born this way
with this stupid condition that gets worse every day
Not only is it visible it can be heard as well
The pain of screaming agony my body will tell
Do you think I look in the mirror and just not see?
The reason why people will always reject me
But what kills me the most isn’t people’s emotional distance
It’s the fact my fragile body will never experience painless existence
So keep your disgust and shameful stuff
Because this unwanted life sentence is already enough


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