The sweet Lies Of Alcohol

  • This life is hard, this life is new

    But it was harder before the day I met you

    Your words bewilder me

    And confuse me daily

    Because I’m not sure which are from you

    And which of them are true

    You drink the happy drink

    And make my worries shrink

    You tell me words that make me feel special

    You tell me things, that make me feel warm within

    You adore me like the Stars

    And promise to love my broken scars

    You tell me I’m loved and I don’t need to be scared

    Because you’ll protect me and always be prepared

    You tell me I’m wanted and mean more than most

    That you can’t wait to see me and pull me close

    That I don’t need to worry anymore

    Because you won’t walk out that door, Like those before

    That I don’t need to cry or hurt

    Because you won’t treat me like dirt

    Then the sad sober sun rises

    And you come to your senses

    And plead that those words weren’t true

    That they aren’t from you

    That I should forget them

    And that you meant them too

    You’re confused why I’m insecure

    And why I don’t know where I stand

    But it doesn’t help that my mind is from lala land

    So I’ll remember those beautiful words

    The ones that filled me with warmth

    And the drunken plans that are made with you

    Are not to be carried through

    That I’m to continue to be generic

    And to not get upset and hysteric

    But I’ll keep those words close

    Because to those who know

    Know my history is dark and empty

    But at least that drunk you gave me some safety

    So I won’t tell you

    So we can pretend for once I am lovely

    And sober you can just carry on

    Like I left it behind me


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