When The Pill Wears Off

When the morning colours show

And the alarm starts to glow

When the pill is taken

And the pre frontal wakens

The internal love grows

And the self-hate goes

When the world seems better

And you can finally write grandma her letter

When feelings come easy

And the person you like seems dreamy

When you can get up and shower

And not sleep another hour

When the joy makes you smile

And it stays a while

When things are less intense

And the anxiety leaves in an instance

When you can say hello

And feel mellow

When food becomes yummy

And leaves a nice feeling in your tummy

When you’re not so needy

So you feel less greedy

When you can feel special and important

And not worthless and avoidant

When crying is relevant

And not persistent

When the hurt from the past

Doesn’t need to last

When music sounds great

And doesn’t leave you in a state

When people seem friendly

And not an enemy

When dusk starts to crawl in

And the sensation starts falling

When the fear comes back

And the emotions start to lack

When the anxiety kicks in

And seems to always win

When you feel low and down

And the smile turns into an emotionless frown

When the tears start to fall

To then leave you feeling small

The bitter joy of distant happiness

The overthinking and tired restlessness

When alone becomes loneliness

And the emptiness becomes neediness

When the social starts to withdraw

And just slowly closes that open door

When the pill wears off

And when everything is lost

When sullen sleep draws in

To then wait to start the cycle again

In the distant melancholy morning


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