Dear Anxiety

Hey buddy, hey pal, hey friend?
Can we talk a second when you have some time to lend?
I’ve noticed you’ve been around a lot
And it’s starting to make my tummy knot
I understand the world can be a scary place
But maybe it’s not so intense when I’m tying my shoe lace?
Or the kind lady opposite me
I genuinely don’t feel she’s trying show us hostility?
Or the panic you give me in public places
I’m pretty sure not all of them are scary faces?
Also I want to travel and visit everywhere too
So can we just quiet down the over thinking that’s turning me blue?
Either way your hard to live with and you’re driving me insane
Because everyone around me doesn’t view you as physical pain
So please leave, please go and stay away
Because I’m getting tired of living like this every single day


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