We Carry Our Comfort

Memories are us and they are important

We like to reminisce and explore them

But this life is scary and we often feel alone

So we take the moments that bring us joy and help us grow

Be it songs and music to make happy play lists

Or an item of clothing that was a meaningful gift

Maybe it’s a necklace that one never takes off

Or a ring that you’d be devastated if one ever lost

Maybe earrings which remind you of a time

When you felt for a moment everything was fine

Maybe a cuddly toy or a stuffed bear

That if ever thrown away would cause you despair

Maybe a beautiful tattoo which is painted over a faded scar

Just to remind you that in this life you have come far

Maybe ones Glasses which help them to see

Or an old mans walking stick to help him with his knees

Maybe you carry an item that represents your passion

like a guitar pick or a present from your biggest inspiration

I wear lots of bracelets and rings because I find them comforting

Crystals to bring me comfort when life turns bleak

Black beads to represent my passion for moving my feet

A bracelet which symbolizes my Druid lifestyle

A bracelet with a cross because I pray that God is not lost

I have five rings, if you’re still listening

My yin yang to bring me balance and harmony

My Celtic ring to represent my faith in being happy

My third ring to represent my lucky number

A ring to represent when I was younger

And a wooden ring to represent my love for nature

We all have our items which we carry with us

To aid us in our times where we struggle to trust

So hold them near and hold them close

Because those are the things that mean the most




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