You’re Selfish For Not Meeting Our Needs

What do you mean your depressed?

Is it not just all in your head?

I think you’re Selfish for not getting out of bed

I think you should think about our needs instead

because that’s why you’re being blamed

because other people are quick to shame

They call it attention seeking and self centered too

because they are thinking of them not being attended too

they say they get it and then tell you to get over yourself

because they think they know but have no research to show

they think it’s just a case of feeling sad and going mad

not a chemical imbalance with emotional absence

they think that physical and mental aren’t the same thing

but biology says the brain is physical and helps to control everything

you’re avoided and shamed because you’re ill and can’t please them

so they’ll flip it and say it’s you  and that you’re the bad friend

This attitude needs to change if we’re to help what you call mentally deranged



One thought on “You’re Selfish For Not Meeting Our Needs

  1. Reblogged this on Kats eyes and commented:
    This poem just really reflects how I sometimes feel about all this, I have been called selfish many times, so many of these poems are just so well written and really true to how it can feel suffering with a mental illness….


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