Run From The Sun

We walk alone into the unknown

From the place we couldn’t call home

We grow together and pretend we’re clever

Hoping what we’ve found now we’ll keep forever

We’ll look forward because it’s painful to look back

And remind and help each other to stay on track

With the dreary sun stretching away

We enter the night to drink up and sway

As the moon gently lifts up over us

We’ll ponder off to meet our lust

With open conversation in appreciation

Talking about saving the nation with our alteration


But for some of those the time is ticking on

They have to start running faster or they’ll be gone

The Black Dog is drawing in and hounding for a victim

And they sense his threatening red eyes slowly persisting

So we start running quicker to avoid getting sicker

As not everyone who understands will get the picture

Having fanciful fun and trying to out run the sun

With warm evenings and loving smiles

we always hope these feelings will stay a while

With enchanting emotions that we keep in motion

But thunder in the distance is causing some resistance

So when the black cloud of numbness starts to forecast

We have to move on and we have to move on fast

We escape to the music and the vibrant colours

And enjoy all of the outside enchanting wonders

And paint our expression before running from Depression

We drop the paint brush and pack our things

To evade the wolf bite that will surely sting

The dark hound is approaching and leering

So we have to make haste before it’s nearing

We run to our safest place but we have a man down

The beast took her by the ankles and starts the breakdown

So we grab her hand and pull her close

And escape the vicious snout in the shadows

So we start running faster and faster then ever

To hide from the feelings of feeling under the weather

We dream again and start to sing

And venture out to see what life brings

With entertainment and fun

And bonding with loved ones

Connecting well and with everyone

To sleeping well when the day is done

But then the night draws in and so does he

And he slithers in like an iniquitous snake

and leans in, over me

Backed up towards the wall facing the Howl

He’s followed them and I from his prowl

My friends and family are gone and I’m all alone

The shadows stretch towards me and turn me to stone

The anxiety and trembling fear begins to arise

As the misty black fog starts to take over inside

The Wolf glares his teeth and strikes upon me

He manducates my arm and severs my body

He rips from me my feelings and starts the process

I’m infected with his unwanted wave of worthlessness

The dark hands from beneath grab my soul

And ruthlessly pull my spirit down the dampen hole

The dog is there too with his chains and claws clamped onto me

And this is where the fighting starts,

to escape this nightmare of debility















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