The Voices Of Suicide

There are many stories which arise from this

That nobody talks about because they don’t want the gist

It’s an uncomfortable subject so feel free to leave

Because we live in this world where it’s often grieved

But if you’re still here then let me tell you with my voice

As to why some people choose this as their final choice

It’s a strange place that people struggle to understand

Because it goes against the survival of common man

There are many reasons why so I will only name a few

To some of those reading this, this may be nothing new

Some are extreme spiritualist and believe more in the next world then this one

This causes a disconnection to reality and will then die when their job is done

Some are in severe physical pain and their quality of life is poor

So they choose to take their life to not feel this way any more

Another is mental illness where people cannot escape

Their body is against them, leaving them in a horrible state

Some are voices which just take control

And the victims listen to them and then decide to go

For others it could be an incredible sense of loss

So they feel they have nothing left to lose, and join the earthly moss

Some have no real connection which can lead to Depression

And to those who don’t know think it’s just a docile expression

Some need to escape the overwhelming feeling of just simply being

Some have these internally and still have to fight ignorance externally

Some feel nothing, they feel no emotion or sensation

So it doesn’t matter if it all ends with that final self mutilation

So have a think and have a thought

Next time you think these guys are a selfish lot

This area is more complicated and serious

Mental illness takes lives and is insidious

So don’t shame and call it self pity

Because living with it can be quite tricky

So if you feel the need to respond with negativity

Please just do these people a favour and educate yourself quickly





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