It Makes Sense For Anxiety

It makes sense to be anxious

If your environment was dangerous

It makes sense to watch your back,

If you spent your life being attacked

It make sense to need constant reassurance

If you’ve lived with someone who’s unpredictably abhorrent

It makes sense to remain distant

If those in your life have been inconsistent

It makes sense to be sensitive to emotional pain

If the exposed wound is constantly shamed

It makes sense to believe everything is your fault

If growing up taking the blame is what your taught

It makes sense to not know yourself

If you were emotionally made to feel hell

It makes sense to fear feeling connected

If all you’ve experienced is being rejected

It makes sense to learn and interpret the silence

If you live with someone who can suddenly become violent

It make sense to shake, panic and self mutilate

When the stress and over stimulation becomes too great

It makes sense to avoid talking about feelings and say you’re fine

If the moment you expose emotional vulnerability it was seen as a crime

It makes sense to be paranoid with nervous dismay

If the behaviour you’d anticipate seem to happen everyday

Your behaviour makes sense in the context

If you grew up with abuse that was constant

But it wouldn’t make sense to others now

They just get confused and feel confound

Unsure and confused they ask if your okay

Wondering why your being emotional

And keep trying to push them away

The defense mechanisms that once help you survive

Now no longer need to be used or applied

So the strenuous struggle begins

And you’re scared who internally will win

To function well in this society

We need to let go of this anxiety

So say thank you for keeping us safe

But we are now in a safe secure place

So dear anxiety which once made sense

You no longer need to stay here and make things intense



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