Run From The Sun Continued

Your in the dark cave

As He ferociously blocks your way

There is no way out

And you’re consumed with self doubt

You scream for help

But all is emitted is a gentle yelp

He’s attacking you from within

And it seems impossible to escape from him

You need help so you frantically scream and shout

But there is a louder noise blocking you escaping His snout

You Attack the Black hazed wolf which dampens your health

Because you can’t mutilate him without damaging your self

People can hear the ruckus and feel the commotion

They get tired of your behaviour and lose their devotion

You feel truly alone fighting this beast

So you start to back down and brokenly meet defeat

But Someone hears you from behind the impermeable walls

And they enter to help you in the unruly brawl

They egg you on and embolden you to stand tall

So you get up and shake

And carry on ignoring the dull ache

They reach out to your friends that care

They come and help you and assure you they’re there

The Doctor whisks in and throws medication into the ring

You take it and The Black dog starts painfully whimpering

Each tablet causes it dismay

As you can see the beast back down

from it’s weakening display

The therapist vacates to you

And strongly stands there

To help guide you through

Days go past and the demon

Is weakening

You stand their after it sprawls onto the floor

Fragmented and distorted with bloody claws

With red eyes open and locked onto you

Realising Pessimistically this fight isn’t to end soon


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