Summer Ball

It’s early and it’s bright

And we’re getting ready for a fucking good night

With casual wear to throw on for the morning

To run around the campus forever exploring

With fun rides to resist the urge of puking

From the previous games used for pre-drinking

With food to spare there is enough to share

The day glows bright and the music starts to play

The moment that assures you that everything will be okay

With music to feel and rhythm to move to

We sing and shout and forget our daily blues

The excitement is euphoric and life feels great

I sit with my Buddhist friend and smoke a straight

We talk about psychology and the side that hides away

With dark topics and beautiful music that continues to play

We connect on a level that people are simply too scared to

Because we understand that adverse place of saddening blue

We get up and drink and forget what it’s like to think

Sitting on his shoulder joyfully as your problems start to shrink

The evening draws in and we dress to stand out

We feel good and slowly start to forget how to self doubt

With lights and colours and the full moon rising

The evening becomes more appetizing

We dance in the loud space of silence

And move to the concert feeling like giants

We connect with our friends and the smile doesn’t leave

There so much to do it’s like we don’t have time to breathe

The fireworks are breathtaking and tears roll from our eyes

We’re finishing this year and we’re finishing on a high

We dance in our usual spot like every week at Bop

Dancing and moving to then taking more shots

The concert ends and people are retreating

Tired and satisfied they drift from the evening

Leaving the broken drunks with the manducating highs

And the groups sprawled onto the floor

Gently unwinding through the encore

We get up and cheer as survivors photo is here

So we raise are hands to finishing another beautiful year



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