Tip Toe Avenue

It’s a quiet day and as usual you’re afraid

Young and small you wonder the halls

With  closed curtains that leave you in the shade

Hiding in the shadows away from the brawl

In filthy clothes and a starving belly

Eating candles and animal excrement

And their food and water even if it’s smelly

With a dirty nappy left for hours on end

You wouldn’t think one would treat a child

In such a way that strips it’s innocence

Not being washed for days with lice in your hair

You begin to wonder if anyone truly cares

The parent is getting angry

And starts screaming at me

I made a sound and it caused an outburst

So I take what is thrown at me

But now it’s starting to hurt

After it’s finished I go to walk upstairs

But the other starts to attack me

And I’m unprepared

We both get disciplined

Even though I was repeatedly kicked in

To be told your not wanted

Leaves this little one haunted

Learning from a young age that there is no hero

And that nobody will be there to come and save you

Because it’s easier to pretend they just didn’t know

And to walk past aimlessly without a clue

So we’ll forever be a riddle to those

Who never had to go through

That deep dark place we call Tip Toe Avenue


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