Docile Dog

It’s been a while now since I started therapy

It’s been a while now since I’ve started treatment

It’s been a while now but it’s not quite left me

This little fog is still here and still persistent

I’m half way there but I have halfway to go

As I walk down aimlessly along this pitfall road

The Black pernicious dog

And the consuming black fog

Have started to fade away

And I’m no longer lost astray

But Still I have this little black hound

Who still continues to follow me around

He’s less vicious and threatening

He’s less malicious and oppressing

I get on with my day and carry on my way

But he tails along behind me and continues to stay

Some days he becomes less week

Some days he makes life more bleak

Some days he will nip at my ankles and trip me up

Making it harder to pick myself back up

If I was this well then maybe we could have been together

Then maybe the friendships I made wouldn’t have severed

I desolately look down to see him gnawing at my arm

So I push him off before I’m accused of self harm

He starts to shadow around me like I’m his prey

And then I remembered I forgot to take my tablet today

So I take it and he starts to sedate

Luckily I didn’t leave it too late

So I carry on wondering my journey

As he follows me from behind earnestly

I’m less low and I’m continuing to grow

But the healing is slow so I have a long way to go

If everyone can know I’m trying my best

Then maybe when this is all over we can put it to rest





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