The Screaming Of Noise

One question three questions five questions more

Anxiously worrying what the inquiries are for

There doesn’t seem to be an answer of wrong or right

Which means this person wants to have a malicious fight

Look into their eyes if you’re not too scared

Because it is obvious that the person is not there

So rethink how you phrase your sentence over and over

As one wrong move could bring on the rapture

Their eyes have locked onto you like a target

And your moments away from Their deplorable outlet

You say the words and the emotions go flying

They shout and scream and it’s terrifying

The words they scream are egregious nonsense

And you stand the’re wondering about their conscience

They’re voice thunders and hurtles across the room

Bringing the dark sounds of doom and gloom

The verbal poison just keeps going

And they’re still malevolently exploding

As the petrifying mist in your chest starts to rise

You start to desperately pray for the demise

There is no point in fighting back

There is no point in diffusing the attack

Just sit and take it and pray you make it

With a broken and shattered sense of self

And a shaken sense of mental health

They continue the violent scene

With behaviour that’s ruthlessly obscene

As Their psychosis begins to consume them

Emitting waves of onslaught again and again

The internal torment of needing their return

As their words of hurt continue to burn

They come to their body and finish the episode

And your body is expressing the need to implode

The outburst is finished and they’ve already forgotten

You sit there shaken feeling emotionally rotten

So they move on and you pick your self up like always

Wondering what brought that on in a dreary daze

feeling nauseous and distress one retreats to the place of rest

Wondering when the next outburst will soon be expressed

Painfully witnessing the person entering the black

As they begin to lose themselves and slowly decay

We pray each day for them to be given back

As you watch them gradually slip away

So we begin to grieve whats no longer there

As the illness slowly takes them and strips them bare

So we will continue to love what they used to be

And hopelessly believe that one day the illness will set them free






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