The day I switched

The day I switched was not expected

Because I was never considered to be completely defective

I grew up in a place where one day it was constant brutality

To the next day we were all together living happily

I grew up strong and resistant to it

With coping skills to help outwit

So I retreated home to experience the usual display

And the outbursts commence and their episodes of grey

The roaring started and the power games commence

And I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t intense

As the convulsing storm pursued

I tried to stand strong as it continued

The blaring sounds louder then a gun

The fatal monstrosity which no one can outrun

But during the time I was enduring

Something inside me was maturing

It had been waiting for the right moment

For that final push of their in despicable endowment

After twenty years the little Hyde inside of me

Finally was given the key to be free

As on that frightful day I went to stay

Something happened and I lost my way

Something happened and I wasn’t the same

Something happened and I erroneously changed

Something switched inside and not just in my brain

Something went bang and it’s hard to explain

Something left me from deep in my mind

Something grabbed Jenny and stole her from behind

We call the mentally ill part of my family Mr Hyde

And on that deplorable day I unfortunately met mine

The seeping of Depression finally broke through

And the irritation of mental illness caused it to brew

The twenty years of onslaught finally caused me to collapse

And now Mr Hyde Wishes for me to relapse

So from that frightful day that washed me away

I’m now fighting to steal back my future from the grey

So wish me luck as I embark onto this path of discovery

Of this road of PTSD and Depression recovery


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