I’ll keep my resilience

I dance every day to push the stress away

I swim everyday to keep the hard times at bay

You’ve finally disowned me well that’s no surprise

I lived a life with you and felt your despise

With no where to truly call home I begin to roam

As  this path that I’ve been caste onto helps me to grow

Last year I sofa surfed this year I’m in a tent

All to work a job to help pay my rent

I  give to the homeless as that’s maybe where I’m headed

As each year gets more hectic and I eventually start to dread it

People say they will always care

But I can still see the homeless there

Luckily I’ve found somewhere temporary

But the short term feel sounds scary

As my illnesses seem to be getting worse

I’m starting to nightmare about the hearse

So I’ll keep my wits about me and carry on trudging

As those around me continue judging

With small minds that speak nonsense

People seem to forget their conscience

So continue to see me as an enemy

And you can wish the worst upon me

You can keep the distance from my existence

As long as I can keep my friends and my resilience



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