Halfway There But Not So Close

I’m halfway there but not so close

I’m halfway through treatment

And I’ve raised the dose

I’ve passed through the side effects

And adjusted to the medication

I’ve passed through life’s car wreck

And adjusted to the alteration

I’m so close to being a full recovery

I’m so close to ending with just Me

I’m so close to ridding this Darkness

And it’s agonising close victory

I’m not interested in women or parties

Or drinking too largely

I’m not interested in anything else

But getting back my health

I’m so close with my progress

I’m starting to feel it more and more

Because being Depressed

It wasn’t there before

I’m getting out of bed and dancing

I’m listening to music and smiling

I can see the light and I can feel the sun

I spent my life struggling

And imploding the frustration

But from therapy I’m functioning

And I’m improving with medication

I can feel it working but I’m not too sure

Because some days I don’t cope

behind closed doors

And it feels like the Black dog goes for my throat

But I’m still working hard and trying my best

So later on when it’s finally over I can finally rest



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