Keep what’s yours


Nice try in trying to ruin me

You did well I ended up in A & E

Nice try in trying to sabotage the funding

The Uni caught you and reacted quickly

Nice try in trying to finish me at my lowest

Luckily those who know me noticed

Nice try in trying to isolate me

You’ve ended up isolating yourself really

You can disown me and prove you don’t want me

But my friends love me and will comfort me carefully

I guess some people like that drama

I guess some people like that trauma

I guess that’s how its going to be

You living the rest of your life without me

We knew this day would come

As it was obvious to some

I’ve lost a lot of me and it’s had it’s impact

But I’m slowly getting better from no contact

So I’m going to leave the hurt in the past

And I’m going to leave it with you

You can keep the abuse you can keep the pain

You can keep  insane and I will keep the sane

You can keep the hate that left me in a state

You can keep the PTSD with it’s burdensome weight

You can keep the anxiety you created

Have it as a present which is belated

You can keep the blame and shame

It belongs to you and there it will remain

You can keep the ignorance and rejection

Of my unfortunate self suffering with Depression

You can keep the guilt that you displace onto me

As the problem doesn’t lie only with me I guarantee

You can keep the paranoia and the control

You can keep the highs and the lows

You can keep everything for free

As long as you let me leave with me








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