The Small percentage With Side Effects

My friend and me

Both have anxiety 

And in deeper inspection

We both have Depression

We work together all day long

And things seem to run okay

We both stand strong

And laugh the day away

We’re on the same medication

We have the same symptoms

But in observation

There is a slight distinction

As I have side effects and she does not

She functions fine and has well adjusted

But my body just seems to fraught

It doesn’t listen to me or do as instructed

It happened when I first started medication

And again when I raised the dose

It goes away through dissipation

But only those who know

The brutality of the side effects

Are those in the small bracket

Who severe the sort term complex

Of the extra racket


The itching and sweating

The sight of unsettling

Of twitching and jolting

with the inner heat of scolding

The pulling of clothes and tugging of shirts

The desperation to breathe of air that hurts

The frantic rubbing and scratching of skin

To release the complex discomfort within

The pulling of hair and grinding of teeth

The intensity of it and wanting to scream

The scrunching of face to help displace

the indescribable sensation of this emotional state

The difficulty speaking as well as thinking

The heavy body and light head

All to just adjust to these Meds


But everything comes at a price

I know that for a fact

No depression is ever nice

On a no anxiety contract

More freedom and happiness

And more energy in you

with positivety to make progress

To help bring you away from the blues

To not be scared and find yourself again

And to smile with all your friends

But for the first few weeks the side effects are real

There are no words to to describe the experience it’s just too surreal

But it goes away and it’s not forever

So I’m glad I carried on as I’m getting better






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