I Am Not My Illness

There is something wrong within my mind

It’s definitely there but it’s hard to find

No one can see it so it’s hard to know

But the signs are there, it’s there on show

In a simplistic view there are two keys

One is the illness and one is me

Although they over lap we are individual

But people are critical as only I am visible

It’s very conflicting the illness and I

Because sometimes I’m in control

And sometimes the illness takes it’s ride

It makes me do things that are not from me

Like self destructive behaviour

And a distorted perception of reality

A dependency on a medication saviour

An agonising day and a sleepless night

An emotional sickness which will not leave

And an inability to do things right

The loss of self which everyone grieves

A hostility which can give one a fright

The silence of suffering which society subjects

The inability to self regulate which turns into neglect

The needing to die and enter the land in the sky

It’s not us, I promise you

We do not wish to live a life like this

We did not wish for the illness or the blues

Because mental illness is physical and there is a separation

So blame some of the behaviour of the illness on it’s dictation

Because No body in a good state of mind would take an item of killing

And direct it inwards unless the illness was winning

Mental illness is real and it kills

It takes lives and it almost took mine

It’s taken people close to us

Those who we viewed as our sunshine

So please understand the pain of the derange

Because we know there needs to be a change

I’m not Depressed I have Depression

I am not Schizophrenic I have Schizophrenia

I am not BDP I have BDP

I am not Autistic I have Autism

I am not psycho I have Psychosis

I am not Bipolar I have Bipolar disorder

There are many more but the point is

We are not mental we have a mental illness

We are human beings, not a sickness



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