Hey There Young Lady

Hey there young lady

You there who stands tall

I can see as a young teen

You’re more mature than them all

Life has made you see things

The brutality since you were small

You’ve come so  far

And trudged through the brawl

You’re open and accepting to humanity

The same place which showed you the reality

Society helps those who are underdeveloped

And those who are clearly struggling

But those who become older

From experience from the weight on their shoulders

Are often missed

From the resilience they use to persist

can sometimes fall harder

So here’s my number

And give me a call

When life makes you fall

Because we’ll be here

When life brings you tears

You’re so young and full of goodness

And full of positivity and forgiveness

You can stand on your own

Because that’s how you’ve had to grow

So as you mature and change into adulthood

A place that you’ve already found and understood

A big responsibility for someone so young

Looking after everyone

So give me a call when you can’t stand tall

And we’ll sort things and help raise you from the fall

You’re not a alone my little friend

We have plenty of hands here to lend

We’ll be here keeping an eye

And when things get difficult

Just send that text from you to I




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