Tell Them The Truth

Tell them the truth

Tell them what you’ve done

How you treated me from youth

And why I had to run

Confess what you did

Show them who you really are

Explain why I hid

And why I have these scars

Expose yourself

And your behaviour

Explain my crippling health

To the Neighbor

Reveal my past which you gave me

Tell them where I had to sleep

As an innocent baby

Tell them How much I had to eat

And how often I was cleaned

Write it down on a sheet

How much you used to scream

Tell them why I had to stay quiet

Over your years of constant riot

Go on I dare you say it

Say what happened

Include every little bit

And state why were we abandoned

Stop with the lies

And the mental manipulation

Declare the chastise

We experienced in every situation

Avow on scripture what you did wrong

Draft it onto paper

And compose it into a song

Do it now because we know your crimes

And we know which one of us is guilty

deep down inside

We know which one of us holds the fault here

so quit trying to hide

You know you like to blame

And you know what your doing

We know your games

That you insist on pursuing

So cough up your dirt

Because we’re on alert

Because I’m older and aware

I’m wiser now and more prepared

So the jig is up and you’ve been caught

So break the news of your onslaught

Tell them who you hurt and why

Tell them who you used to like making cry

Explain the factor of why I almost died

And show them they way you replied

Explain why we had to walk on eggshells

Explain what you did when I became severely unwell




No, I didn’t think so

Because you don’t want them to know

What you did to us all these years

That’s why you kept us in fear

You knew what you were doing

With your paranoia and always assuming

Your denying self and your delusional beliefs

On how we had it easy and you never gave us grief

Very well keep it to yourself

After all  the only person it’s mainly effecting

is you and your health


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