Yes I Know I Have A Scar

Yes I can see it doesn’t look great
But I did do it in a bad emotional state

I know it’s not a good solution
But I was ill when I drew the conclusion

yes I know you think it’s attention seeking
But do you mind, my friend and I are sitting here eating

Yes I know you think I’m selfish
But I kind of need to get off this train Miss

I know you think I should hide it
But if it was from a car accident
You probably wouldn’t mind it

I’m sure you’re right, it might just be a bad day
At least you’re trying to emphasise with this grey

Okay I get it, you think it’s messed up
But I’m literally just sitting here at this bus stop

No I’m not suicidal or a threat
I’m just here to buy bread

No I’m not going to mutilate myself
I’m just trying to put stuff on the shelf

Okay you think I shouldn’t be near children
But unfortunately I need to go in a moment

Thank you I’m sure I’m a waste of NHS
But I’m literally just here to pick up my prescription
so give it a rest

Yes I know I look smiley and intact
But I feel depression might be more complicated then that

If you want to ignore me that’s up to you
I’m just here to get some work shoes

I’m sure people have it worse off than me
But I’m trying to relax so please let me be

Yes I can see your eyes of disappointment
But I’m not here to start this argument

Yes you’ve already told me I’m living in the past
You keep mentioning it

But let me stop you there, before you start to bark
This scar is from what was, not what is

So if I may interrupt
The irony is you brought it up

Yes I know I have this scar I’m well aware
I can see it, Every time I look there

You guys feel you know best
And are always quick to suggest

Always out to shame
Once you see my physical frame

But just stop for a moment and have a thought
Before you feel the need to deliver your onslaught

There are other aspects to me
Other than what I used to be

Depression is a lot worse than how society perceives it
And I can’t stress enough how we need to be educated

I’ts nice when people see past it and through the blue
And if it’s quite alright I’d appreciate if you did too

It’s a scar and it’s fading
Just acknowledged I’ve come far and stop invading



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