Docile Dog Continued

I wonder the sea
Next to the shore
Remembering me
And who I was before
Things are better
And I’m almost there
Not lost forever
And not in despair
Things are easier
And not so blue
I feel happier
And I’m pushing through
The little black dog
Has wondered off
Dispurisng the fog
Which once made lost
My life is filling with colour
And the grey is starting to fade
The storm is ending its thunder
And it’s taking the shade

I ask my doctor to come off the meds
But he starts to worry about the after effect
He says to stick to it until the treatment is done
So I nod my head and take another one
I work have fun and play
Slowly taking myself back from the grey
When the day is done and I’m in bed
I hear a distant howl which hasn’t been fed
Although he’s far his eyes are watching
With his black cloud and his plotting
The depression is down there waiting
But here I am gently escaping
Although he’s hounding around close to me
He’s slowly realising I’m becoming free


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