The Nightmares That Haunt Me

Each day I awake
With a smile on my face
As each dawn breaks
I look around my space
Mornings are gentle
With its welcoming light
It feels sentimental
With its comforting sight
I walk through my day
As most people do
And things are okay
As I carry it through
But the sun starts to fade
And the night draws in
And we see the darken shade
That starts to slope in
So we ponder to sleep
As the sun slips away
With no noise to peep
We end our long day
But something is different
As my mind starts to play
I push for resistance
As my body spills grey
A figure of fear
Distorted and decrepit
It’s not very clear
But I know that I’ve met it
It thunders towards me
And screams my name
It claws at me frantically
With fires and flames
It strikes me like lightening
And I’m desperate to escape
This dream is frightening
With its treacherous hate
I tell it to stop and end the outburst
But my memories have scared me
And it like an abhorrent curse
I beg to be set free
As I scream to the waking world
But only a silent sleep full utterance can be heard
I’m desperate for help
As it wraps around me
Echoing the abuse
Which I repressed undoubtedly
With panic that surges
through my veins
The trauma emerges
Like an imprinted stain
I left you in the past
And I told you to stay there
So take your dark cast
And retreat to your lair
You can’t hurt me any more
You’re not real
All that’s happened to me before
Needs to heal
It clutches to me tighter
and takes my breathes
and I relive the memories
That I thought I left
It starts to shake me
And it’s face starts to change
It talks to me gently
And calmly states my name
I wake up sweating
And a little hazy
And she asks me if I’m okay
And I say maybe
She tells me it’s just a dream
And that I’m safe now
That no one will hurt me
Because I’ve been found
We’re here for you
Well keep you safe
And if anything happens
To my side they’ll race
So I lay back down
And return to my slumber
Although safe and sound
I’m anxious like thunder


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