Devils Deal With Citalopram 2

People fear you
They’re weary
But people need you
When teary
It’s all perspective
I can see that
As in retrospective
We’re trapped
So the doctor gave me you
And this is my cry
We need to get through
Because we’re scared we’ll die
So we make a deal
Which goes both ways
Because depression is real
And we’re stuck in grey
But to make this work
There is a give and take
The sacrifice will hurt
But we need to escape
So take what you need
Because we’re desperate it’s true
People can’t see
And that’s why we need you

But the pill itself
Doesn’t just cure
While it decreases depression
It wants much more
So here is the deal
And we’ll sign the black and white
As we are unfortunately losing
This abhorrent fight

You can have my laughter
And my sense of pride
You can take my reminiscence
That blooms inside
You can give me resistance
That I’ve now lost
You can uncover parts of me
That’s buried in the frost
You can have the tears
That I use to offload
You can take my fears
And my sorrow
You can take my sense of feeling
That no longer shows
As depression is stealing
That happy little glow
You can take the part that helps to empathise
As the pill creates one state
And that is zombie like
You can up my dose
And mess with my head
As I’m the greys host
And it keeps me in bed
You can experiment on us
And do what you like
As we’re deteriorating fast
And soon we’ll lose the fight
So we will stick with you
And take the medication
we’ll fight and pull through
And surrender to your dictation


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