Let You

Let you turn people against me
Let you rule
Let you steal everything from thee
Let you brawl
Let you hurt and shatter me
Let you in pail
Let you take what I need to be
Let you cause fail
Let you unleash misery
In ruined health
Let you scream implicitly
From where you dwell
Let you fake honesty
Let you wail your abuse
Let you fake modesty
And project your issues
Let you play your games
As we grieve resistance
Let you inflict shame
From a distance
Let people believe the fairytale lie
That families love and care
Let people think everything is alright
As if they’re there
They say they love you in their own way
Let them tell you again
That you’re creating the grey
Let you speak poison
Into innocent ears
Let you emit venom
Towards all our peers
Let you manipulate and twist
Let you lie
Let you cloud the truth in mist
Let you sly
Let you play the victim
Let you gain control
Let you have our submission
For you power goal
Let us suffer in silence
As people rather not know
Let us smile to the spineless
Which we dare not show
Let you remain as you are
As we pack up and leave
Let you never leave a scare
As we settle to remain free


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