Run From The Sun 3

As the beast lays weakened
I see a lighted escape
So I ran for it and away from fate
I exit the cave and head to a forest
Of distorted trees with darken decay
Although the beast is needing of rest
He rises again to take me away
I hurry past the black decrepit trees
The branches claw me as I struggle past
I hear him panting as he thunders behind me
Carrying my fears and my broken cast
The woods are thick and the trees are tall
The skies are shading as the sun starts to fall
I find a dead end with no way out
I hear him searching with his snickering snout
The bright full moon glows openly
As he fumbles around searching slowly
He patters away continuing his hunt
With a howl in the distance
That echoes through the trees
The wind whines silently
Whispering to me
With words so faint
That come from he
What are they you say
Well no one can tell
Unless you’re like me
And deemed unwell
I grab the tablet
That the doctor gave me
I hope for the best
And ingest it desperately
I look beside me
To the bud on the tree
And it opens up gently
A beautiful flower
Full of hope
And I sit still beside it
Clutching my coat
While I pray and pray
and pray
For one day to be okay
I sit quietly
And sense the beast of grey
He’s far away
And not too near
He had the grey
In which I fear
People walk past the forest
Of cold trees in disbelief
They can’t see the commotion
Between me and the beast
So here starts my journey
To maximum recovery
Away from his latched on teeth
That gnaws me abhorrently


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