A Personification Of My Depression, Mr Hexxus Hyde


So you made it through medication

So much blue to rid through dedication

Oh Honey you thought you would win

But Baby I’m this thing from within


Why University again?

Oh of course to help your Mummy

The one person you wanted to mend

Such a shame

But let me let you in on a secret sweetness

She is beyond insane

You cannot not help her

Not anyone

And now you have to defer

I love that woman

She created me

I came from her you see

She gifted you trauma

with vile slaughter

She saw what you were capable of

And she ruined you

You got into a top University

For the highest course in your area of study

You were doing so well

And everyone could tell

You were going places

But we know the status

Oh thank you Penny Wise

Clap your hands everybody

For this beautiful woman

Because she made a being

The psychiatry

Called me Anxiety

And the expression

They used was severe Depression

But here I am everybody

In the open air

The thing inside Jenny

That’s right

And I like to call myself



You had your heart set

On waging a war against Mental illness

It’s such a laugh

You thought you could help beat the sickness

Do you know what you were to her


You were just money

Now that’s stopped

She doesn’t want you honey

Penny wise doesn’t want to be cured

That’s why your application got ignored

Well don’t worry Mumsy

Now that I’m here

I’ll finish your job



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