I’m Getting Better

I think I’m getting better
I’m no longer under the weather
The summer breeze
Blows easily
As always
And there’s very little sadness
With no ever daunting madness
The little happy smiles
That love to stay a while
It’s clear to me
I’m becoming free
In all ways
And I’m feeling back together
As if I never fell apart
I thought it would all last forever
But now I’m well at last
The ones who left me be
Will now never see
How I triumphed this fog
From the great black dog
Like it was yesterday
It’s now gone away
And I’m now free
I can feel happy and smile
No longer snappy and vile
Back to my bubbly self
With good mental health
An excitement for life
That’s no longer a fight
Secure and at ease
No unsure monstrosities
A gentle breath of light
With no scary darken nights
My very happy ending
With depression now surrendering
My future has become so bright
I can now be free
This time was such an awful fight
But now I’ve won back me


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