Run From The Sun Four

I sit coldly in the shadows

As the howling echoes around me

A decaying beautiful meadow

Of darken forests that surround me

The condensation of my breathe

Is made lit by the blood red moon

It feels like nothing is left

And the beast will hone in soon

Just I feel all hope is lost

The flower twinkles beside me

It whispers to help at all cost

And it lights a path for me to see

Slowly but surely another flower blooms

And I tremble towards it

As it guides me away from the doom

Another after that surely follows

And I follow each one as it guides me towards tomorrow

Little whispers of help

And some have medication

Aiding me in mental health

And a guidance to innovation

I follow the path of glowing flowers

Through the forest of decay

It feels like I’m walking days and hours

But they tell me I will be okay

Come with us we’re here to help

We’ll guide you from the beast

Whose darkness will soon melt

So I stumble towards them

And they counsel me through

Closer to my friends

Who are waiting for me too

Each step gets easier

As the Depression gets sleepier

As the Wolf follows behind me

I take a tablet that hurts He

The dark lonely forest

Starts to fade away

As I escape away from my cornered decay

The green meadows start to show

As a gentle wind blows

Through the Willows

Next to streams which know

Which way to go

But most importantly

I can see the light

That I once tried to block from my life

With darkened curtains

To disdain the outside world

Within my shaded twilight

To run from a sun

That once seemed too grey

To come back to it

Now that I’m okay

My friends who supported me

And were with me all the way

Have now taught me

That I was never left astray

They hold me tight

And I begin to cry

As I gave them a fright

As we thought I would die

But we’re here now

With the sun that’s over us

And we wonder into the distance

Leaving the red eyed raven beast

To lurk back into the desolated dusk

From whence he came in defeat


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