Run From The Sun Five

I’ve got you don’t worry

I’m grabbed by my friends

We have to go now come on


They’ll get us again

The wolf is gone but the abusers

Are not

So come with us before you are shot

So we run through the meadow

And we hear a gun fire

It’s coming for you

And it’s going to be dire

The being from my past

The one who sent the darkened dog

Is hot on my path

It’s desperate to finish the job

So she holds my hand

And we start running again

Through the land

Away from them

Another gun shot is heard

And my anxiety heightens

My friends spread the word

As we are all frightened

The being has tried to sabotage safe zones

Making them harder to reach

Something I had to experience alone

As one could not be free to speak

It catches up behind us

And it takes hold of people close

It unleashes it’s wrath

And shrouds them in its shadows

It manipulates and feeds them lies

Brain washes them to take control

Listen to no one and believe only I

You belong to me and so does your soul

The being turns them against me

Until it is just a few of us

So we continue desperately

Into the distance

It looks like I’m to fade

So I pray to the lord

And cry for aid

I bellow outwards

And I’m not ignored

Although close behind me

I grab my friends hand

Hurry to that gate

That’s through the land

We race on with an army behind us

The echo of my past

wishes to turn me to dust

It’s not finished yet it wants to continue

Continue with the hurt it put me through

Project, blame and shame me

Disown me from a family

Wreck my future

For it’s own humour

Isolate me and destroy anything I love

Even if I was to die it still wouldn’t be enough

This being won’t be satisfied until I’m hated by all

It needs the fixation of an almighty brawl

To this being people are tools

And Children are weapons

 It won’t back down until it has total control

Until it has it’s own way

That is it’s only goal

To manipulate it’s prey

So I have to abort

And I have to stay away

Because if I’m caught

I will be reinfected with the grey

We head towards the gate

As it’s opened for us

My prayers were heard

And not a moment too late

We dash in

As they close previous opening

The being stands at the gate

And glares at me maliciously

What are you!

I shout

What do you want from me!

Why won’t you stop abusing

Why can’t you leave

It tightens it’s stare


Mr Hyde

It mutters

A shiver scatters up my spine

I am what you call Mr Hyde

I am the curse that runs through your family

I am the Memes that inflict the abuse

I am the creature that wounds you badly

I am the genes that make the screw loose

It sings a twisted nursery rhyme

With a toxicity in every line

Your rain of grey won’t go away

Because I’ll be back another day…

It turns around and slithers off

Taking my friends and family that lost to it’s frost

Friends and family which now only believe the being

Following behind it’s vindictive leading

My friends give me a big hug

You’ve had it rough

They say and express

let’s go to a safe place

And get some rest


2 thoughts on “Run From The Sun Five

  1. I love your writing style. This post is so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am following you so that I can read more.


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