Roaming That Road

5 Am starts every morning

Can’t fight that tiredness without yawning

Take that pill to quiet down the rest

To hide the low and pretend I’m at my best

Another text from the step dad

Telling me to stop causing problems

Thinking it’s me that’s hurting them

Can’t exist with out my actions being misinterpreted

Not my fault they’re all being manipulated

Usual morning routine

better get moving

Pack my bag, wear my beads, I’m ready to go

I guess it’s just me that truly knows

Jog to the train to catch it

Get a sunrise drink wrapped in plastic

Of the train and jump on the bus

A metallic vehicle made of rust

Smiley morning hellos

To welcome the holiday makers

dressed in red and yellow

To be a lifeguard water savior

A day of riot and screaming

Until the hour we finish for leaving

Visit the little sister

finally I’ve badly missed her

Making sure I’m careful

So I’m clean when she goes home

To be interrogated by a feral

Only little, not that it matters to yours truly

Questions coming profusely

Poor child having life wild

At least we’ll be here

At least we’ll be near

The evening dusk drifts in

Better finish my amble outing

Where am I staying to night

Only God knows

could be onsite

Could be someones home

Could be a tent

At least there’s no rent

Best friends sofa

Who ever lives closer

Better continue to roam

Maybe one day I’ll find home




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