Post War On Depression

Darken scar from a Dog bite

Fell down the wrong past

From a future that was bright

A lot of Tablets

To help me function

A mental racket

From all the dysfunction

I’ve waged through a war

To find the person I lost

I try to remember who I was before

Before Depression sent it’s frost

The scars on my body

How did this happen

It looked like

I was attacked by the Krackon

Did I really do all of those things

Did I really wish to stop existing

Who was that person I was for the last year

Who was that person who suddenly appeared

Where was I for all that time

What invaded me and crossed the line

I don’t recognise myself anymore

I have a dull ache in my chest

And my head feels so sore

I feel ashamed for people to see me

What if they now see something ghastly

It’s over now so how do I pick my self up

It’s over now how do I move on as such

Will I find my way

Will people be there

Will everything be okay

Should I be scared

I’ve just come out of hell

And now I’m feeling well

So many mixed emotions

from so much commotion

But I guess I’ll keep on going

And continue with a healthy notion






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