Let It Go

Let it dwindle away
Let everything everything I know disappear
Let the notion of home decay
Let the stars I wished upon stay clear
let my hope and dreams turn to dust
Let my world I know continue to rust
Let the light show me another path
because the one I know is fading fast
Let the place crumble to ashes
Let life unwind its fabric
And the chaos become placid
let the present from Christmas
leave in an instant
Making depression lose it’s rein
Let it leave and allow me to be sane
Let love give me it’s hand
So I can be released from Citalopram
Let me find a place I can call home
A place that won’t force me to be alone
Let me be loved and feel it
let it touch my wounds and heal it
Let me fight no more
And find a God
Let me spread my wings and sore
Away from the fog
Let love be forever
And not be temporary
Let the painful ties sever
So I no longer need to be weary
let you take what you want
So you can leave me
Just get it done and over with
And just take what you need mentally
So now I can be left alone
And without pain
So I can heal gently
And find myself again

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