How Would See Their Depression?

If I told you I lost everything
Not from the outside, not externally
But from the inside, from within
Would you understand me?
If I said Depression stole everything
And left me with nothing
Would you be accepting
Would you be loving
If I said it hollowed me out
Until I was no longer me
Would you start to doubt
Would you doubt my sanity?
If I told you the pain I was in
From the grief that never seemed to end
Would you cut our time thin
Or would you still be my friend
If I said I was on strong medication
Would you require an explanation
If I said I said I felt irrecoverable
If life became intolerable
Would you stand with me?
If you could see the war I was fighting
That shamed me into hiding
Would you empathizes with me?
If I was crumbling into despair
With desperate effort to self repair
Would you continue to abuse me?
Would you continue to use me?
If my illness was killing me sooner
If my illness was taking me away
Would you ruin my future
Would you disown and discard me today
If my brain decayed
And my body to ruin
Would you still pursue with your crusade
Or would you stop to see me as human
How would you treat someone?
If you could feel the suffering
How would you treat a loved one?
If Their Depression became life threatening?

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