On Hurricane Road

Watch out the wolf’s on the prowl
Nothing to do but fight now
Thrown into the predicament
With a head strong resistence
No dedication will be enough
if I don’t ride out the rough
Anger is the friend of a fighter
From a problem that won’t get lighter
So spark it up and let loose
This temper ignites from a short fuse
We stand up to those for a better life
Rolling at random with a futile dice
We take our place on the road for the nameless
A shameful space for those who feel blameless
No ones clean as we’re all tainted with dirt
A murky place filled with abuse and hurt
Where manipulation is the game
For the wrong person to be framed
Do they know what they’re doing
Do they know what they’re saying
Or is there no right or wrong
In this world from which we fell from
A place riddled with Depression
Fighting it’s oppression
From a life long lesson
It’s relieved by each expression
Every time I do it, I kick the suppression
But still I’m running
Still I’m moving
Just trudging through the ocean
With the murk of hate on my back
A tornado of explosion
Thats knocked me off track
So stand the brawl
Like a broken brick wall
Reaching for the light
With thick shackled chains
Strapped tight
Breaking the cycle
As we run to night fall
Because there’s no escape
If we let the past call
leaving the trap for us to contemplate
Whether we can pick ourselves back up from this state
Or if it’s too late because we left it to fate
Where do we go now if what we knew
has become something that causes the blues
It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before
This black cloud
A molded beast with it’s sharpened claws
There are times I’m happy in the bright of day
With a golden light that blows the pain away
But as the dusk claws in I remember things
Things that I keep re experiencing
Those thing I keep locked up
Because it’s shameful to expose the corrupt
It taunts me with its narration
With its hurting words and infestation
It makes me feel unwanted
It makes me feel like a burden
So then I avoid human contact
And shut everyone out like a drawn curtain
So hear me now and don’t give in
Because its up to you
To beat the Deppression within


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