The Strength Within

One more push please
We’re so close I can feel it
One more push please
I beg you we can clear it
Come on Jenny be my friend
We can fight this Depression
to the bitter end
Come on we need to get better
This doesn’t have to be forever
No more pain no more suffering
No more hurt no more plundering
Yes we’ve left a broken home
From a broken family
But it doesn’t have to effect
Our mental health and sanity
Don’t give up now
Depression hasn’t won
Don’t give up now Jenny
Don’t run from the sun
Yes hyper-mobility takes its tole
And IBS can be exhausting
But we’ll get through it Jenny
And we’ll get up every morning
We’ll look after ourselves
And move away from being poorly
Come on I know we can do this
It’s just one more push surely
Push Depression into the abyss
Go up a dose on your medication
If you have to
Come on we can do this with dedication
Don’t let the Depression snatch you
It will all be okay
Don’t feel afraid
I know you feel alone
Because I do too
I’ve watched you grow
From with in you
I’m inner strength
I’m what helps you through
I cannot change the past
But I can aid your future
Depression doesn’t have to last
It doesn’t have to be your abuser
I know life feels bleak
Because its been a year
But I know what you seek
Will become clear
So please listen to me
Please Jenny
Please just listen to me


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