Together Where The Wind Blows

I take a deep breathe

As the sun lights its display

I look to my left

And I’m met with smiles to say hey

It’s not over yet I can see that

But you’re halfway through

In taking your life back

I smile and sit up

Feeling almost ready or somewhat

Tablets in the morning

And therapy on this day

It will stop the beast luring

And will push him further away

It’s not over yet we can see

But don’t worry because we’ll be here

We’ll help set you free

It’s not for nothing

So do not fear

People may start running

Once they hear

You’re scared

Because you’ve been left

You feel unprepared

From little rest

But we’re not like those that say

I’m here with you through the havoc

And then walk away

Yes they extended your dose

But that’s not failure

Family may disowned you

But we’ll be here forever

So one more push

To push it away

Because one day Depression will submit

And start to decay

It’s a long fight we know that

The beasts left its mark

But we’ll get your life back

Darkened scares will fade away

Just don’t give up

You can make it another today

Let us run from the sun

And flee to tomorrow

We’ll get back the fun

And give back the sorrow

So come with us

We’ll get through the pain

Whatever the weather

We’ll wade through the rain

It’s real and you breathe it

But one day you’ll leave it

Leave the black beast in past

Like clouds that leave with their overcast

You’re so close we know that

But we won’t let it last

So when it bites back

Don’t feel disheartened and powerless

As it’s getting less, and soon you’ll be out of this

So just keep going

And keep growing

We’ll always stay together

With a family from friendship

That we’ll always treasure

So we’ll go where the wind takes dust

The direction in which it blows

Where will it take us?

Only our destinies will know


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